When it comes to anything in a brightly coloured tube, men instantly become wary. Even the most boorish of men will stubbornly refuse to have anything to do with cosmetics or anything they consider unmanly, which includes lip balm. However, lip balm is an essential, just like moisturizing cream and sunscreen. What they fail to realise is that some of the best lip balm for menare often the most discrete. According to www.thefashionspot.com, men often skip out on this simple cosmetic, uncannily avoiding it like the plague simply because they believe it to be a ‘girls’ thing’.

The humble lip balm must keep lips moisturized and supple throughout the day. This is especially helpful if you are out in the sun all day. For women, lip balms often come in pretty colours and fruity scents. This is so that they can be worn instead of lipstick, which brings us to the first point: not all lip balms are coloured and scented. There are several unscented, matte lip balms on the market that are perfect for men. They offer the same type of coverage as a regular coloured lip balm without the flair and gloss.

The second reason to wear a lip balm is for protection against the sun’s UV rays. Just like your skin, your lips are also susceptible to harmful UV rays. Over time and prolonged exposure, your lips will begin to darken, and no one wants that to happen! Instead, look for a high SPF lip balm that can protect your lips from the sun. This is also doubly important if you work under the sun for most of the day. In fact, many studies reveal that men are more likely to get lip cancer from unprotected long exposure and many other diseases.

Lips are not meant to be cracked and dry. Not only is it extremely comfortable but it makes you look tired and sick as well. Eating and drinking with dry, cracked lips is also a rather painful experience. Lip balms are packed with moisturizing ingredients to keep your lips supple all day long. Some of them have moisture locking compounds which will help your lips stay hydrated throughout the day without having to touch it up again. Others focus on adding moisture and vitamins to your skin to soothe cracked lips and heal them. Don’t forget that you don’t have to be out in the cold or under the sun to get cracked lips; even the aircon in the office will suck the moisture from your lips. Keep your lips crack-free by drinking plenty of water, cutting back on the caffeine and wearing a moisturizing lip balm.

If you’re still not happy with wearing a lip balm, try a simple homemade lip balm created from beeswax and honey. While it may not last as long as the commercial alternative, it will help soothe your lips when they feel parched. If you are up for trying a lip balm, look in the men’s grooming aisle for options that may suit your fancy.