Getting your teeth realigned is an elaborate and time taking dental process. The initial transitional hiccups of getting used to the correction devices, to the psychological effect on your self-confidence, everything requires patience and determination to go through. The conventional braces used were very uncomfortable. As the dentistry evolved over the time, the designing of braces refined. Invisalign has come as a revolution in orthodontics. Which one would be best for you, braces or Invisalign? Get an expert opinion on To know the best practices and the new technologies used in dentistry, you can join the online community at

Before deciding upon the appropriate line of treatment, let us understand the two techniques elaborately.

A very well-known technique used since ages to realign crooked and uneven teeth, it involves three components. Brackets which are attached to each tooth using a bonding solution and archwire which is a thin metal wire connected to brackets and it exerts a light pressure on the metal structure causing the teeth to move. Nowadays bracket used are matching to the enamel color making them more natural looking
It involves series of computer generated, invisible and removable aligners which gradually straighten the teeth over a span of 12-18 months. Because of its invisible characteristic, it is a popular choice for adults and older teenagers, especially who are conscious about their looks.
Both types of treatment options are opted equally by the orthodontist, but specific parameters on which Invisalign perform better than braces are:

1. Cosmetic advantage: Invisalign offers an aesthetically pleasing option to straighten up crooked teeth and improve the smile, without letting the world know that you are taking a dental treatment. Especially adults and teenagers who have an elaborate social circle and professional lives, walking in with wire braces into a party or an office meeting may get embarrassing sometimes. This way you don’t get conscious and thus it enhances your confidence.
2. Comfortable: Invisalign is made up of a soft plastic tray that is comfortable and gradually move the teeth to the right place. Wire braces cause a lot of discomforts. It tears off the tissue in the cheek and lips causing a lot of pain and the pressure which it creates on teeth also enhances the pain further.
3. Faster result: The traditional braces take 36 months minimum to do the required correction in alignment, and you need to visit your dentist multiple times to get the necessary adjustment done. Whereas, Invisalign can show you the result within 12-18 month, sometimes more but in extreme cases. Visit the dentist is usually once in 4-6 weeks which is convenient.
4. There are no food restriction and the damage caused to the tooth is minimal: Due to the design and material used for making the braces, you are asked to avoid eating certain foods, because that can affect the alignment of apparatus. The removable option for Invisalign makes it very convenient while eating food.
5. Maintenance: Since braces cannot be removed and cleaned thoroughly like Invisalign, there are more chances of food getting stuck in the apparatus which can cause cavities and other dental hygiene issues.